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Two readers of skopelosnews have mentioned this article which might be of interest of foreigners living in Greece.

Electronic newspaper EKathimerini has the news that adhesive labels in passports and all other kinds of paperwork relating to foreign nationals living in Greece are to be scrapped and replaced by a new, electronic residence permit that will also double up as an identity card.

We are not sure if it has influence on people who already have a residence permit which gives no expiring date. The replacement is maybe just for foreigners from a country that does not belong to the European Union. I (Daphne) come from the Netherlands and my residency permit has no expiring date.

EKathemerini gives this information about the issue:” According to the ministry‚Äôs circular, the cost of obtaining the residence permit will be 16 euros. Any foreigners living in Greece who already have residence permits will not have to update to the new format until their current documentation expires”

If you have a residence permit which expires it might be good to go to the police and ask about it.

The link to the story is

residence permit article here

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