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Let it happen

Have a great weekend everybody, wherever you are! Very strong winds are blowing on the island and it has been raining.


Living in Greece can be infuriating. You never know what the day will bring. On many occasions there “seem” to be no rules that you can follow. Situations in which you find yourself can fluctuate and be the one… or the other. Nothing is straightforward and you are surprised lots of times.

This is probably what tourists attract to Greece when they are on holiday here because it is nice to be carefree and not worry constantly about what is supposed to happen next. You just let it happen.

We saw these chairs on the small boat dock in Agnondas a few days ago and these chairs represent exactly the “let it happen feeling” for us. Imagine it is early in the season. You want to eat something and a restaurant is open on the shore. You want to sit and eat something there on that small dock with the sea around you and the sun on your head! If you dare ask the owners of the restaurant if you can have your meal there. Let it happen!

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