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25th of March

(source; https://gr.pinterest.com/vettakelepouris/greek-independence-day-march-25/)

Tomorrow it is the 25th of March, the day in 1821 when the Greeks decided enough is enough, we want our independence. They were part of the Ottoman empire long enough. The war of Greek Independence lasted until 1932.

The war started in Turkish held Moldavia when some troops invaded there.
The troops were defeated but on March 25 the real fighting began on the Peloponnese, north of the gulf of Corinth and on several island. Within a year the rebels had gained control of the Peloponnese and in January 1822 they declared the independence of Greece.

March 25 is both a national and religious holiday (Annunciation). March 25 is also the name day for Vangelis, Evangelos, Vangelio, Evangelia and Eva.

On Skopelos students from the high school, the elementary school and the scouts will march from the mayor’s office until the entrance of the harbor.
It will be a sunny day. Around 10.30 the students will get ready. At the war monument in front of the harbor some words will be said and wreaths will be laid down. After that the march will begin. Most shops and big supermarkets will be closed.

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