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The clinic can also perform ELECTROMYOGRAPHY (EMG) by specialist neurologist Mr Nikolaos Thanos

The examination is carried out by the neurologist with the help of sophisticated equipment by Nihon Kodehn, mod.Neuropack. This specialized, neurological examination, which is applied to the upper and / or lower extremities.

In which clinical cases is the EMG useful ?
In cases of pain in hands, – the “carpal tunnel syndrome”- is recognized with the EMG. In spinal cord disc diseases or in the ulnar tunnel syndrome, the EMG gives a lot of useful information about the specific nerves that have the problem. In cases of nerves’ trauma an EMG is also required to assess the status and their recovery. In diabetic patients the EMG checks the peripheral nerves that unfortunately may be affected. More rear diseases such as severe muscle disease (Gravis), various myopathy syndromes, polyneuropathies, cervical nerve damage, are necessary to be checked with EMG to diagnose and to treat.

To conclude, EMG offers a lot diagnostically in diseases that are relevant to a variety of clinical specialties, such as neurology, endocrinology, orthopedics, neurosurgery, rheumatology, oncology etc.

EMG is also useful in various diseases such as diabetes, thyroid syndromes, malignancies, blood diseases, or in cases of alcohol and drugs abuse, chronic medication treatments. Finally, daily cases of loss of sense of feeling/touch, sense of stiffness/or burn, located at an area or spreading to greater body parts, should be examined with EMG following a doctor’s referral.

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