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From above

Good morning. The sun was hiding between the clouds this morning and only just now has shown its face. The media are talking about dust clouds coming in from Africa. We hope it will not rain, a lot of freshly washed cloths are hanging outside and it makes such a mess….

Tomorrow the first of May is celebrated and many people will go to the countryside and celebrate there. Flowers are blooming everywhere and many will be picked to make wreaths and bouquets to decorate houses and cars.

Most bars and restaurants have opened and are ready to welcome visitors from mainland Greece and abroad.
There are boats coming and going to the island. Don’t forget that sometimes a boat will dock in Skopelos and later that day will dock another time in Glossa. On the first of  May there is officially a strike that we posted about a couple of days ago so check with the boat ticket offices for the boat schedules.

A drone made this photograph oφ the ferryboat Myrtidiotissa docking in the harbor of Skopelos. The drone and photograph belong to Dimitri Mavridi.

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Suppers for Syria

During the last four months, over 3000 euros has been raised in Skopelos, for ‘Doctors without Borders’/Ιάτροι χορις Συνορά. Through ‘Suppers for Syria’, both residents and friends of Skopelos, Greeks and expats alike, working together, have ensured that medical kits have reached over 1000 people.

Heather Durham, who lives on the island, started the initiative and suppers and tea’s were organized both on and off the island. How was it all organized? A host would invite 10 guests. The people who joined the supper/tea had to donate money for Doctors without borders. All the collected money went to them. A thank you letter has arrived from Doctors without borders and is shown below.

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Skopelos Scramblers
Sunday 30th April

The last walk to Stafilos beach along the old Stafilos Road was beautiful with lots of wild flowers to admire. The beach itself was fantastic and wonderful to be part of the early season sun, sand and picnic brigade.

This Sunday is very much an inland scramble as the group head for Aghios Eustasios monastery/retreat and beyond for a shared picnic.

Those leaving from Skopelos will meet at Carrifour Supermarket at 10.30am and after arranging transport sharing will drive to Karya.

For those coming the Glossa side of the island head out on the main road towards Elios/Neo Klima. Just before leaving Elios take the left turn which is the new tarmac road running steeply up towards Sendoukia and Delfi. Enjoy the spectacular views as this excellent road winds up and up. After about 10 minutes you will pass the little church of Aghios Reginos on the left. Just after this you will come to the main junction. The first left turn is for Sendoukia, next left is Karya and is the turn to take. The road will wind downhill where after a few minutes you will see the sign for Aghios Eustastios and the cars from the Skopelos Town.

The walk is evenly set and with no uphill/ downhill problems .

Any further information please phone Muriel 24240 24732

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Most readers probably know that we have a soft spot for Glysteri beach and that we try to keep it as clean as possible every summer so visitors can enjoy this underestimated beach. My husband Jannis has also repaired and re erected the changing booth that was damaged in the flood in 2015. Everybody used it the whole summer last year. Last week the changing booth was destroyed and big pieces were thrown in the water. Why anyone would want to destroy a changing booth goes beyond me. We are determent though to enjoy Glysteri and the changing booth will rise again this summer!

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All passenger ferries will remain docked across Greece on Monday, May 1, as the Pan-Hellenic Seamen’s Federation (PNO) will go on a 24-hour strike to mark May Day.

Among claims, the Greek seamen are demanding that their labor and social security rights are restored to pre-memorandum levels and that collective labor agreements will be in effect for workers of all categories of ships for 2017. The ferry workers are also protesting against uninsured labor and increased unemployment in their sector.

The strike will run 00:01-24:00.

Skopelosnews advises everybody who wanted to travel on this day to contact the ticket office/travel agency they have purchased their ticket with to get the latest information. In some ports there might be a strike but a boat might be allowed to travel. It has happened in Volos port.

Passengers whose trip is cancelled due to the strike are entitled to a full refund of their ticket.

No other announcements have been made at the moment that involve other means of transport.
Source; http://news.gtp.gr/2017/04/24/no-ferries-greece-may-1-due-strike/

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Stafylos road wider

After this weekend and with the news about Zoro the post seem a little bit trivial but we must go on, life goes on. On the whole island roadworks are in progress or on the verge of being finished. Here are some photographs of a part of the Stafylos road which was very narrow. The land next to the road was so much lower that if a car or bike would drive off the road the fall would be disastrous. On the land below a wall has been build and the part between has been filled up with stones.

Agnondas/Limnonari road, ready to drive on.

(Thanks Mike for the photos)

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Last night, a Saturday night, which was a good Kastro bar night, Yiannis “ZORO” Rafaelidis died. Yiannis was ill for a while. He was buried this Sunday afternoon.

He would take it easy, get his pension and start fishing more and he would start organizing parties again and talk and talk because that is what Yiannis liked, talk to people, get to know them. That was his thing and that is why the famous Kastro bar that he owned was so successful.

Zoro was a great plumber and his sons Thodoris and Stelios followed in his footsteps and took over the business. Yiannis was thankful for that and he started making his plans. He wanted a website about Kastro bar. The beginning is there. John Gill set it up for him and loaded up many photos of that wonderful time between the end of 1970’s and the middle 1990’s. The history of the bar is there. The link is here; Kastro bar

Zoro will be missed by many many people.

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How do i get off ?

(Thank you Mike for the heads up, learned a valuable lesson for aspirant photographers there)

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Winter is over

Here on Skopelos the coming of the swallows is not the only sign that winter is over. No the cleaning and drying of the carpets is a better sign. This one was found on the ring road.

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Road to Agnondas/Limnonari

The final stages of the repair of the road to Agnondas/Limnonari are set in motion these days. This road was also damaged during the flood of 2015. Dimitri Palaiologos, who works himself on this road, took these photos. Thank you Dimitri !

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