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Faros, the support charity for people afflicted with cancer and other severe illnesses invites everybody on Skopelos to an public event where they will present their future actions, their goals and the work of the charity. You are welcome in the XENIA building next to the children’s playground at 12 noon today Sunday the 9th of April.

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This sundays walk, 9th April will begin at the Archaeological Excavation Askleipion site on Skopelos shore road at 10.30am.
The group will scramble up to Ag. Marina spring and partake of a well deserved shared picnic.
The downward route is planned to head for Milli Village but after Skopelos snow the group are not sure how open this route will be.
However, they will reach Skopelos town, have a coffee and take time to discuss the next week’s walk.
If you require further information contact Muriel 24240 24732

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Today it is Lazarus Saturday. The celebration of this saint is eight days before Easter Sunday and signifies the end of Great Lent. It commemorates the time when Jesus is believed to have raised Lazarus from the dead. Mitsos bakery in town has almost sold out on Lazarakia. There are four left! Lazarakia are made only on this day. We bought two to give to the children. They are 18 and 15 now but still like getting Lazarakia on this day.

Don’t forget about the power cut on Sunday morning and have a great weekend !!!

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