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(Footage; Astra Skopelos tv)

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Good Friday rituals

Skopelosnews visited the Saint Pandelemon church to see the bier decorated with the most beautiful flowers. We will not show any pictures yet but there are red roses too. For tonight. You might not know what is happening so here it goes.

The Friday procession will almost look like a burial procession. Most people will have dark-coloured candles, which will be lit inside the church and everybody will light each other’s candle. The epitafeio, or bier, carrying the icon representing the body of Christ, leaves the church and everybody follows the procession. It starts from the Christos church and after that passes Saint Jannis/Pandelemon, Panagia Papameletiou and Faneromeni. Find one of those churches and go there early in the evening, follow the crowd and join in!

Καλή Ανάσταση !!!

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