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The MOT car testing is supposed to be done by the end of April for all cars on the Sporades but people find it hard ( with the economic crises) to send their cars to Volos and have them tested there and send back. It is quite expensive. Skopelosnews spoke with vice mayor Maggi Klonaris and she told us that a week before last Monday the municipal council informed the inhabitants of Skopelos that a mobile MOT testing unit will come to Skopelos and will then go on to Alonissos and that car owners will be given an extension until July (20th of June) when the unit probably is going to come. This only applies for cars who are registered here on Skopelos.

If people want to have their car tested now; on Skiathos there are two permanent new MOT testing businesses and people from Skopelos can send their car with the ferryboat to Skiathos and have the people from the MOT testing pick their car up and have it tested and put back on the ferry the next day. The telephone numbers for Skiathos are Sanidas 2427023800 and spokesperson for the other KTEO is 6979986473 (Athina Daki)

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It is quite choppy on the sea today but the wind does not deter the municipality workers to keep cutting away the excess grass and bushes that grow like crazy on the island. I am not sure but the snow that we had in January must have got something to do with it. This corner on the ring road is quite dangerous and I am glad that it has been cut back. Last day of the week for you ? have a great weekend! Here on the island slowly slowly the weekends will not count anymore. It is work every day from now on. Κουράγιο

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