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From above

Good morning. The sun was hiding between the clouds this morning and only just now has shown its face. The media are talking about dust clouds coming in from Africa. We hope it will not rain, a lot of freshly washed cloths are hanging outside and it makes such a mess….

Tomorrow the first of May is celebrated and many people will go to the countryside and celebrate there. Flowers are blooming everywhere and many will be picked to make wreaths and bouquets to decorate houses and cars.

Most bars and restaurants have opened and are ready to welcome visitors from mainland Greece and abroad.
There are boats coming and going to the island. Don’t forget that sometimes a boat will dock in Skopelos and later that day will dock another time in Glossa. On the first of  May there is officially a strike that we posted about a couple of days ago so check with the boat ticket offices for the boat schedules.

A drone made this photograph oφ the ferryboat Myrtidiotissa docking in the harbor of Skopelos. The drone and photograph belong to Dimitri Mavridi.

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