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In Greece the first of May is still celebrated while in other countries people hardly know what this day means in history. When I told somebody I had to work a little this morning he was quite surprised and told me, no you must rest and celebrate today!

The United States was the place and in particular the city of Chicago many people fought for people to have right to an eight-hour workday. Workers were making 16-hour shifts and dying because of it.

The first of May also symbolizes the coming of spring, fertility and this year on Skopelos we see that flowers, bushes and trees are blooming like crazy. You don’t want to jinx the whole process and talk about it all the time but the olive trees have soo many small olives already! Can we hope for a good harvest this year?

Below are some more photos of Dimitri Mavridi. This time it is the area of Kastro/Milos square and the rest of the town and part of the harbor front. We love them. Thank you Dimitri.


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