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Help over the phone

Our washing machine stopped working two days ago and we thought this was the end of this one. We found the telephone number of a mechanic called Costas and explained the problem. He wanted to know what type/make the machine was and what was wrong with it. We explained and he asked; are you good with your hands (πίανουν τα χέρια σου?) We did not want to boast about our hands but said we would give it a try.He told us what he thought the problem was and what we should do. Four hands worked on the problem for five minutes and the washing machine was working again! When we called Costas to thank him and ask him how much we owned him he said:”Τήν αγάπη σού/ Your love!

Good morning everybody. Have a great day wherever you are in the world.

Dimitri Mavridi took these photographs, sorry, I cannot stop posting his photos, they are so beautiful!


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