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(photo taken from a wall in Skopelos)

Takis Moschos and his team of actors will perform on Friday, Saturday and Sunday the play “μπαμπάδες με ρούμι” which is the name of a very sweet pastry. See the photo below. The story is not so sweet. The play will be performed in Orfeas cinema. It is close to Platanos square. The play will start at 21.00 hours. It is in Greek.

Photo; Pasmina.gr

Thanasis Papathanasiou and Michalis Reppas are the writers of the play and they say the following (translated by skopelosnews)
“The 80’s was a time without moral standards and a carefree way of living. Anything could be done without thinking about the consequences of your actions or feel guilty about what you did. For those feelings you need a conscience. If you don’t have a conscience small everyday crimes seem unimportant and ridiculous. The big issue here is if these crimes are committed with intention and awareness? The comical theatre play “Babades with rum” tries to tell the story of a ridiculous crime. A comedy of disabled, stupid, immoral, evil and desperate people.


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