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The Skopelos Foundation for the Arts (SkopArt) facilitates community projects. Tyler Kay Reichert, an amazing mural artist, is here on the island painting a part of the elementary school.
The giant mural is on the side of the school facing the village. These kind of projects make such a difference for the children. They participated with the coloring of the flowers. A big thank you to Katerina Papova, another amazing painter and volunteers Anne-Guurt Jaeggi, Soula Patsi-Korenti, Jill Somer and Tammy Tsouris for their help. A few more days and the mural will be complete! Go and have a look if you can!


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Skopelosnews does not know a lot about fishes and fishing but it is encouraging to see so many big fishes being caught (last week) in a bay where so many times before nothing could be caught. And these fishes were caught without a rod. Just a fishing line with a hook on it. What the bate was we don’t know and we cannot reveal if we knew that. A fisherman’s secret.

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