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Finished ?

The municipality employees who collect the garbage have been on strike the last couple of days because they would like a more permanent work contract.
At the moment most workers are hired for periods of eight months. It is impossible for the municipality to employ them permanently because the government does not allow new appointments.
Many employees have to retire before new people can come in. Maybe a solution can be found so the uncertainty for the employees is not so big. Every time their contract is finished they have to make new applications and are selected (or not) out of a group of applicants.

The strike is supposed to last until today. Hopefully the garbage will be collected during the weekend. There is a lot and with these high temperatures it smells too.

The photos above show the first ripe figs on the trees that we have. They are gorgeous !!!!

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New ATM’s

New ATM’s are being installed in Panormos, Near Swell bar and in the harbor . The organization that is installing them is Euronet. They will work from April to October in the future but are not operating just yet.


(Next to Swell cafe on the road to the monasteries)

(On the harbor front near Lemonis Travel agency)

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We have to keep informing habitants and visitors of this wonderful island that recycling must be a part of our lives. We welcome photos of places on this island where recycling takes place!

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Doctors coming over

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Jenny Nelson and David Shaw will show their work in the Mercurius bar gallery from Wednesday the 21st of June until the 27th of June. At 21.00 hours on Wednesday the exhibition will be opened. Everybody is welcome. Every evening the gallery will be open from 19.30 until 23.00 hours. Mercurius bar gallery you can find near Platanos square passing along the pharmacy and Adonis hotel.

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(click to enlarge)

No boats will be leaving for Skopelos and Alonissos in the middle of the summer season. The photo above this text speaks for itself. Skopelos picked a date one month from now. On the 19th of July there are no boats after 17.50 hours. Passengers who have a later flight are stuck on Skiathos till the next day.

The three mayors of Skiathos, Skopelos and are talking again with the ministry of transport and with all boat companies to find a solution for the problem. Passengers that come in on later flight cannot spend the night on Skiathos. They should be able to travel with a later boat and if that was leaving after 9 that was never a problem in the past. The situation that the Sporades finds itself in is not a new one and who will come with a definite solution? Below is the article in the greek newspaper; e-thessalia

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Please call Alan if you are coming. Mobile 6940949956.

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