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Tyler Kay is a Houston based artist. Tyler has been doing a lot of murals in the USA and she was asked by the Skopelos Foundation for the Arts assistant director Jill Somer to paint murals on school walls. Together with the help of the parent’s boards of both schools, the directors of the schools and volunteers, the projects were very successful. On Skopelos she lead four community mural projects involving the students from both the middle & elementary school.
The education system on the island, unfortunately, is unable to provide to the students a lot of access to creative outlets (music, visual arts, theater, etc.)
Tyler witnessed first hand the hunger & eagerness from the kids to be creative. These projects could not have been possible without Tyler, the support of The Skopelos Foundation for the Arts, The University of Houston College of the Arts, & the several local volunteers on Skopelos who donated their hard work & time.

(elementary school before and after)

(second project poppies in the elementary school)

The middle school projects were;

(Inside the school near the entrance )

(the outside walls of the toilets)

(middle school; students creating and helping out making the school surrounding more beautiful !!)



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