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Bad Weather coming

The next two days, Sunday and Monday, extreme weather phenomena are expected in Greece and also in the Sporades. The Hellenic National meteorological Service has issued an extra bulletin warning people that heavy rains and strong winds will occur. Everybody should be careful and avoid unnecessary movements over land and sea.
Sources: http://www.emy.gr, http://www.hnms.gr, skai television, skopelosweb.gr and the facebook page severe weather greece.


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Don’t waste water

In a official message from the water company the inhabitants and visitors of Glossa and Loutraki (and of course everybody on the island) are asked to not waste any water when it is not necessary !!! There is not enough water! Don’t take the hose and fill up and top up all the pools in the area, to use the hose and wash the cars, to clean the streets and courtyards. Use water but not waste it !!!

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During the summer Skopelosnews is very busy but thanks to readers of the blog we can show you things that are happening on the island.

These roadworks were long overdue. The flood of 2015 had taken away a part of this coastal road and it was pretty difficult and dangerous to pass the makeshift fence when another car was coming from the opposite direction. Hopefully the work will be done quickly because there are a lot of cars driving on that part of the road.
Thanks to Stephen and Claire for the photo.

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