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The Vakratsa museum from today has a wonderful exhibition from Litsa Tsoumba Tambaki and Ortelio Villa. Opening hours 10-1 and 6 to 10.30


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Have a good month

Today is a windy day and it is causing problems on the mainland. Fires have started and are spreading very quickly. Please be careful with your cigarettes. Don’t throw them on the street. Be careful with work that can cause fire and don’t bbq !!!

Every country has their sayings about the months of the year and Greece is no stranger to them.

They say: ” From August winter and from March summer/ Από Αύγουστο χειμώνα κι από Μάρτη καλοκαίρι.
Another one says:” August sells wine and May wheat (in these months you can see whether is will be a good year for wine and wheat) / Ο Αύγουστος πουλά κρασί κι ο Μάης πουλά σιτάρι.

Have a good month everybody !!!

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