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Skopelos week

The very active folklore and cultural organization of Skopelos has organized a week full of activities to show locals and visitors what great traditions and culture history Skopelos has. Every evening starts around 20.30 hours. I am going to the Traganas evening and really don’t want to miss the Skoeplitan wedding, you ?

Friday 4 August in the Jeftorema area (near Anna’s restaurant and Nina the hairdresser); Skopelos Cheese pie
Sunday 6 August in the Vakratsa mansion; speech about Skopelos plums
Tuesday 8 August in Milos square near the Kastro; traganas evening (Traganas is wheat with goat milk)
Thursday 10 August in Orfeas open air cinema. Speech about the traditional Skopelitan wedding dress: Morko
Saturday 12 August on the square near the old harbor under the Panajitsa tou Pirgo church: Traditional Skopelitan wedding


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