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Walk slow

A slow walk through the village of Glossa in the morning makes you aware of so many beautiful things you tend to forget in the busy summer. In the small winding streets you see people busy with their morning rituals, the cleaning, the cooking (ohhh those smells!) the shopping. The quiet hum of their conversations make me feel at home. If anybody only remotely knows you they will wish you a good morning and the question: “what are you doing here?”

I never look up when I am walking in a street. When you are not so busy, look up. The most wonderful roofs and balconies are there to see.

Walking in the quiet streets of Glossa I see some abandoned/ not lived-in houses. I see walls with fading colors. The fading colors on these walls are more beautiful, I think, than the colors you see on a new wall or door.

The cafe on the square already has some customers. Should I sit down for a coffee? Yes I think so. A hour has gone by and I feel I have more energy now and I am more relaxed than I was in a long time. Thank you Glossa.


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