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On this very hot and humid day I had a meeting in the afternoon and I was not really looking forward to it. We had to go and look for a piece of land but the owner did not remember where the land was. What can you do ? Near the place where we thought the land was we saw a small house and in the distance two people sitting at a table. I went up to ask for directions and an elderly couple were putting figs on a line to dry. I recognized the lady and asked her why she doesn’t visit the village anymore. Her legs are failing her she said. All around the house I see how busy they are and I ask if I can take pictures of the garden and the figs and the peppers…

I cannot refuse the drink they offer. It would be offensive.Three small kittens follow me around and when I go and look for the land they follow me. The elderly couple are worried sick that the kittens are lost. I swoop them up in my hand and bring them back. The blessings of the couple accompany me when I drive away. A meeting that I was not looking forward to, turned into something memorable.


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