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The end of an era

In the Klimataria taverna you probably have eaten at least once while you were here on vacation. Other who have a house here might have visited it more. Many know the whole family; Dimitri Kavouris, his father Jannis, Dimitri his wife and their two children and the staff which has worked there for ages too!

But it is time to say goodbye to this famous restaurant where you could eat in summer and winter. Where the cook chose to cook with the seasons. I liked to go to the kitchen and see what had been cooked and chose from there instead from the menu. I will never forget the bean soup we have eaten there. In winter, inside the restaurant next to the kitchen with only a few tables. Cold outside and the soup, some wine and soft music playing.

Dimitri will leave the premises along the harbor front but we do not think he will stop being a restauranteur. Have a good rest and hopefully after your batteries are charged you will come up with a new idea for a great taverna.


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