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Fabio and Cristian on the Petrovrissi trail

Heather Parsons had 20 volunteers this year from nine different countries plus various regular tourists who donated days. Thanks to hotels Dionysos, Rigas House, pension Kyr Sotos and Glossa Houses for donating accommodation and all the people who provided evening meals. They cleared the following trails:

Skopelos to Panormos, Prof. Ilias calderimi, trail from Mili to Ag Marina, portions two and three of Monks Trail, Glysteri, Petrovrissi area and spring, spring on Old Stafilos Road, portions of the Retsina Trail at Anania and Pirgos, trail below Sotiros monastery, calderimi above Palio Klima to Ag Iannis Kastri and trail between Machala and Palio Klima.

A question from Skopelosnews. Wouldn’t it be great to design a map with all the trails ?
Update from Heather; the Terrain map has most of them. They are a professional Cartography company. We work together.

Thank you Heather for the information.


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