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Help, if you can.

On Saturday the sea scouts will sell Christmas presents and calendars for the New Year opposite the entrance of the harbor in Skopelos near Koxilis bakery. They will be there from 11 O’clock. If you want to support them buy a handmade present for them. For the children !!!


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This photograph was taken on the asphalt road above the beach of Limnonari and the Potami gorge.

The weather is beautiful again and it is wonderful to drive through the countryside and see fires been lit. The fires are lit to burn the olives branches that were trimmed after the olives were picked.

Many trees still have a lot of olives that are green so maybe these olives will be picked in the new year. They say olives were picked here on the island until March. Can you imagine that ??

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The forecast was that it was going to be a rough day today with rain and wind. We have had some rain overnight but most of the day it stayed dry, until around two when we saw the menacing clouds coming in… bringing rain.

The was the entrance to the courthouse (yes Skopelos has a court) This court is a lower court were the less severe cases (personal differences etc.) are on trial. The court was situated close to the Ionia hotel in Skopelos. The court has moved though and you can now find it next to the DEH/electricity offices in the lower part of town.

All that is missing now is a sign saying Ειρηνοδικείο

It is the intention of Skopelosnews to make a map that shows important offices, services etc. We will explain what kind of business you can do here. Slowly slowly….

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Getting emotional about olives? It happens. Saw P & S with their friends B & L in the olives press. When they saw how much olives they had picked it was quite emotional for them. To take your own olive oil home is quite emotional too. Don’t worry guys, we have the same feeling !! Even after some many years of olive picking. I think it has to do with the earth given something to you. To not take for granted what we have around us and what can be provided from mother earth.

This year one of the SIFFY films talked about this and it is such an important subject!

Driving over the island, early in the morning, in the fall/winter shows me totally different landscapes. In all these years on the island I have never see this tunnel of “fog” above the Stafylos road. Beautiful !!!

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Olive picking can be followed by a drone. A family member has one. Great photos Dimitri Mavridis !!!!

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Cut off

When you are stuck on a net with olives around you you cannot go out and get the news and put it on your blog. It is frustrating but I cannot change things. We have to keep going and collect all the olives now. We have moved to another piece of land. Not that many olives, I believe. I hope. The good thing is, is that the weather is gorgeous ! Sorry if this is boring “news”

I also collected black olives and treated them with salt. I will put them in a place where they can rest and after a while we should be able to eat them. Greek salad here we come !!!

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Boring !!! We are collecting olives again but it is difficult. We have 8 Beaufort wind !!!

(The photo is from Lia Vogiatzi)

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