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A Peaceful 2018

Dear readers,

2017 has been an eventful year, like every year, I guess. People we knew and loved on Skopelos have left us, events here and in the world have shaken us but one way or another we have to keep going and seek the meaningfulness of life. In order to be able to do this I think we have to be kinder, more thoughtful of others who are less privileged and help others if we can in all kinds of ways. There is always a way and if we listen well and think hard we will find a way.

Here on Skopelos it seems we are living this idyllic life in the sunshine but the life here is just as real as in other places in the world. We have the plus that we are surrounded by this stunning nature!!

We wish everybody in 2018 to have a place to go to where they feel at peace, relaxed, where they can heal and love. Happy 2018 !!!

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Mammo days 2018

Living on an island and getting your regular health check-ups done is not easy and quite expensive. The Health Center in Skopelos and doctors in Glossa are doing its best and fortunately we have great doctors, nurses and staff there. Some visitors and inhabitants of the island help the Health Center with medicines and machines, beds etc. although this is not always visible for everybody but Skopelosnews has heard about numerous actions. Most of the time the people that donate and help out don’t want to be put in the spotlight and that is admirable.

Since a few years we have a private clinic in Skopelos town. Private means the insurance companies don’t reimburse you for the consult. You may find this expensive but the advantage is that the clinic is on the island and you don’t need to travel. If you need further medical assistance you can choose where you want to do this and where, with which doctor.

For prevention Asclepieion organized in November the first Mammo day where you could have a breast mammogram and an breast ultrasound for the price of one (60 euros) The clinic wants to continue this effort and will organize these check-ups on a regular basis.


Following the great response of MAMMO DAY 2017 conducted on November 11TH , 2017, and because the fight against cancer never ends, ASCLEPIEION OF SPORADES continues the systematic approach of prevention in 2018 through the “combined-differential diagnosis” utilizing the results of mammography and breast ultrasound. In this context, MAMMO DAY will be scheduled once every month in 2018, which will be announced in time, within the monthly medical program. As part of this action, on MAMMO DAY , in the mammography price the breast ultrasound examination will be included (all-in price is 60 euros)

The 1st MAMMO DAY 2018 is scheduled for SUNDAY January the 7th , 2018.
For more information and appointments, tel. 2424024500.

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Road tax

Today was officially the last day that you could pay your road tax for 2018 but the ministry of transport announced that the final payday has been postponed until the fifth of January 2018.

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Christmas on Skopelos is so low key that you sometimes forget it is Christmas. To organize a evening again where you are able to hear Christmas music from different countries is a nice idea. Many of us remember the Christmas evenings that Maria Broadley organized.

Last night’s Christmas Carol singing organized by Rod and Kendall brought memories back from other Christmases celebrated in the past, outside Greece. These memories are precious too and came back to us last night. We want to thank them for a wonderful evening with great company. Many of us who never sing did their best thanks to the photocopies provided. We laughed so much and had the time to catch up with friends over diner, which was great too!

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It is not enough to have wood in the house for the wood burner or the fire place. No, you also need three enormous big bags in front of your house. Just in case, just in case…..

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Christmas on Skopelos

Many people have left Skopelos to spend it on the mainland in bigger cities but to spend the first Christmas day on Skopelos with the sun out, the whole day, was a treat! The last part of the afternoon we spend on the beach and we found this building with “graffiti”

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Carol singing

Traditional Greek carol singing today in the street of Skopelos. It is a nice way to collect money for your Christmas and/or New Year’s present. Other children sing in a group to collect money for excursions.

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