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Can you give them a home?

On Skopelos the living standards of animals, especially cats and dogs, is much better than a few years ago. There is still room for improvement though and that depends on animal owners and whether they have their pet neutered so the population on the island does not grow immensely. Unfortunately there are still many dogs who have big litters and these puppies need a home.
Above you see some wonderful, two months old, puppies . They will become medium sized when they grow up and if you take one you will receive an official adoption paper so the dog is an equal part of your family and you have to promise to neuter the dog at the appropriate time. There are six girls and two boys.

Please contact Natasa from straycare. She has the puppies. Her facebook page is: https://www.facebook.com/anastasia.lamprogianni


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Cutting of the cake; Faros

The non-profit organization Faros that helps people with cancer and other life threatening illnesses on Skopelos is cutting their cake this Sunday morning at 11 in the office of Faros below the old Kapi building. Walk from the ring road down to the Ionia hotel and turn right at the third turn. The Kapi building is on your left. Just after the Kapi building turn left and walk down. You have reached the ground floor and the office of Faros is there. Everybody welcome !!

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