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The water that flows from the spring above Stafylos beach is blocked by sand. All the water flows down the steps which makes the steps leading to the beach very slippery and dangerous. I have mentioned it to Mrs. Klonaris at the mayor’s office and she said somebody will go down there and have a look what can be done.

I went down to have a look this morning and saw that the drain for the water was opened again and the water flows down the hill instead of on the steps. The sand that was taken out of the drain will be taken away also. When I spoke to Mrs. Klonaris she told me that she appreciates comments and observations from the public so “problems” can be fixed.

It seems that Mr.Yannourakos has also tried to unblock the drain from the spring just a couple of days ago. What has been done by who is not clear. Thank you all!


I believe strongly in not only commenting on things that are wrong but also taking an effort to communicate with the mayor’s office and this way also being part of the solution.


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