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No boats; really?

The last couple of days more and more questions are being asked on social media about the boat connections in the summer. I have had several and other websites like http://www.skopelosweb.gr too. This year I cannot give positive answers about the boat situation because there are hardly any good connections. We don’t even have an early morning boat going to Volos.

It seems that visitors arriving in Volos and Skiathos in early summer will have to spend a night there before they can travel to their final destinations. Some say; “take the water taxi” but if you are only two persons it is very expensive to take the water taxi and it will only bring you to Glossa/Loutraki. If there are no boats in the late afternoon and early morning coming and going from Skiathos to Skopelos until the end of May we will have an even shorter season! The whole situation is going to put people off and maybe they will cancel their holidays because usually they want to get to their hotel/apartment/villa the same day. If you have an early flight how do you get to Skiathos? Do you need to go one day before and spend the night on Skiathos ? What if you have only one week, would you like that?

What does it take to get more boats here? Why doesn’t the possibility of a boat owned by Skopelos and Alonissos get researched?
The Proteus boat is circling around Skiathos, Skopelos town, Glossa and Alonissos all the time and also brings passengers to Volos and Mantoudi on Evia. What would it take to buy that boat (or another) and get it to do Skiathos, Glossa, Skopelos town and Alonissos on a regulars basis?

This year the situation is worse than ever and bold decisions have to be made. We are not getting any support from the ferry boat companies because they look at the situation commercially and not on a social basis. Ths island need to take action. Who’s going to be the one opening the discussion?


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