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Karya valley

The Karya valley is very beautiful. Coming from Skopelos going towards Kalogeros you don’t take the right turn to go to Kalogeros but you drive straight ahead and enter the valley. At the moment nobody lives here permanently as far as I know but many people have their farmhouses there. The mountains/hills surrounding the valley are quite steep so the sun does not stay in the valley for a very long time. There is a wonderful monastery/retreat called Agios Efstathios where people can come in the summer months and enjoy the peace and quiet of the monastery and its surroundings. The celebration of the name Efstathios/Ευστάθιος is on the 20th of September. Many people in Skopelos take the time and make the effort to go to the monastery and be party of the special celebration there.

A little bit further up the road is the turn to Sedoukia. The ancient graves that were discovered in this area have been a mystery for many years. Nobody knows why the graves are in this particular spot. I think because of the view. It is amazing. The walk up the mountain is wonderful, you walk on a footpath until you arrive on the top. To find the grave(s) is a little bit tricky but visitors have put up little piles of stones as signs to get to the grave(s)

Driving back to Skopelos you can take the turn to Ananias. A small hamlet, beautiful views, great area to walk !

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