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Easter wish and traditions

The cultural association of Skopelos town has send Skopelosnews a photograph with an Easter wish. Thank you very much!

From tomorrow, Thursday, celebrations in the Greek orthodox church are getting more serious when in the church the twelve gospels are being read. In these readings Christ’s last instructions to his disciples are presented, as well as the prophecy of the drama of the Cross, Christ’s prayer, and his new commandment. Below is a small extract of what is being read. The service takes about three hours. (source; https://orthodoxwiki.org/Holy_Week#Holy_Thursday)

Thursday is also the day that hard-boiled eggs are dyed red, signifying the blood of Christ, and the Easter bread, called tsoureki, is baked. If you don’t bake, the bread can also be bought in all the bakeries.

After the service, late at night, in the church, a bier is being decorated with numerous flowers by church goers. To represent the body of Christ an icon of him is placed in the bier.

If you want to follow the ceremonies you can go to the four big churches in Skopelos town but also in Elios and Glossa and Loutraki.

Tomorrow more about the Friday and Saturday services.

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