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Forever remembered

In an attempt to have something permanent that reminds the elementary school and the students (of the 6th grade) of their time spent in the school, the Skopelos Foundation for the Arts together with the students made colored clay tiles with various themes.

The baked tiles were then put on one of the walls of the elementary school. Every year the next 6th graders will do the same


The tiles were placed on the wall by Pavel and Jill and more volunteers helped out. What a great initiative.

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I have made a page where readers and Skopelosnews can leave tips and suggestions about travelling and transport. It can also be used as a platform to leave messages to travel together on water taxi’s etc. Leave a comment on the page for all to see.

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Have a nice weekend

The Greek zeibekiko dance has no steps that can be learned and the steps have to come from inside you. This girl gave it all !

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Cleaning a beach

There are a couple of beaches on the island that don’t have umbrellas and sunbeds that are rented out and therefor the cleaning of those beaches is not done by the people who rent those umbrellas and sunbeds out. Only visitors who see that rubbish might pick it up.

This photo shows three nationalities Serb, English and Greek picking up rubbish. Two nationalties are here on holiday. They don’t need to do this but they want to help. Thank you!

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In the mood for recycling

Skopelos might not have all the right recycling boxes for the separation of paper, glass, plastic, cans etc. yet but many inhabitants are participating in the recycling process ! This bag with a paper saying recycling I saw on the ring road. It makes me feel happy and confident for the future. To make an effort and tape a paper on the bag saying it is for recycling means people care.

Apostolis from the recycling company told us yesterday that bins for different kinds of waste are coming within two weeks. I cannot wait !

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At various times yesterday and especially in the late afternoon and night heavy rains were reported on Skopelos but the whole country had more or less the same weather.
Because of the amount of water a part of the road in front of the harbor was pushed up and is being repaired as we speak. A lot of water came down into the town and flooded several terraces in front of the harbor. Excess sand, mud and water has been removed and the terraces have been cleaned.

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If the hike tomorrow gets canceled due to weather don’t stay away but come to the Sporades Islands Center/Foundation anyway and have a fun day with Tom and his friends.
You will have coffee, tea, koulourakia, and please stay to help Tom decorate the Sporades Islands Center. There is also a qualified instructor who will give everybody a lesson on yoga and shibashi so everybody can learn and exercise together and have lunch afterwards.

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The Hellenic National Meteorological Center (EMY) has made a weather forecast for this week and especially for Tuesday and Wednesday bad weather for the area of the Sporades is predicted. Rain and heavy winds! Be careful.

At the moment it seems that bad weather will also hit the Sporades and this is why the police, the municipality and the fire brigade have come together and decided to advice the public not to park their cars on the ring road and on the t-junction leading into the village until hotel Eleni. Avoid unnecessary walks or driving with your car in the bad weather and don’t park your car on a slope. This information was written on the Greek Vories Sporades blog but I also confirmed it with the vice mayor Athina Daki.



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No water

(source: 123RF.com)

On Tuesday the water will be cut off in Elios/New Klima, from 09.00 until 11.00 hours due to work on the waterlines/water system.

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Organized walk


The Sporades island foundation have organized another hiking trip (as in the below video) for this Wednesday 27 June 2018, 8 am – 2:30 pm

if you are in Glossa walk to the foundation. If you are anywhere else take the public bus from Skopelos to Glossa dep, 7 am. get out in Glossa the central square and walk to the foundation.

Coffee and biscuits served before we start, some path clearing along the way, swimming and lunch in Loutraki

Meeting point: SPORADES ISLANDS FOUNDATION (ΙΔΡΥΜΑ ΣΠΟΡΑΔΕΣ) in Glossa across from Elin petro station

Bring water, a sandwich/snack, working gloves, swim suit, towel, money for bus and lunch. Wear walking shoes, sneakers.

Organized and guided by Sporades Islands Foundation for Sustainable Development, Info: Tom ++30 6940 663 553 Donations welcomed.
You leave again with the public bus at Loutraki going back to Skopelos 2:30 pm

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