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The flying dolphin Erato is back in business. We saw it leaving the harbor early in the morning. Can you see the dot in the sea? That is the Erato (Sorry about the photo, taken with a telephone) When looking for boats keep in mind that leaving from Skopelos you can leave from Skopelos harbor or Glossa and to get to the mainland you can go to Volos, Mantoudi on Evia, Agios Konstantinos and Thessaloniki. I have written on the Travel/Transport 2018 page about the trip from Mantoudi to Athens. I love it ! I always use http://www.openseas.gr when looking for connections because they give me every boat from every boat company that travels between the Sporades in our case.

There is a very positive feeling about the Thessaloniki-Sporades connection. People hope it can start the 15th of June. With more boats traveling back and forth between the islands it is much easier to plan your holiday. Hopefully is stays this way the coming months and travelers don’t have to stay a night on Skiathos if they don’t want too and aren’t dependent on a water taxi where prices vary a lot.

It is the first of June so have a good month and a great summer!!!

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No parking

From Monday the 4th of June is is forbidden to park your car in the area surrounding the harbor of Skopelos. This means the harbor front, around the entrance of the harbor and the street towards the village, in front of the mayors office and in some places around the old harbor. It is best to park your car in the car park or somewhere further away like around the high school, in the car park near the stadium etc. etc. I picked up the news from the Greek blog Efimerida Vories Sporades

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