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Because of necessary work on the water pipelines etc. the water will be cut off tomorrow between 08.00 hours and 14.00 hours of in the areas Prassa, Vathirema, the top road of Stafylos and the area around the Ostria hotel. The water company hopes the public will understand the necessity of these works and apologizes beforehand for the inconvenience.

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Rebetiko festival

Next Monday and Tuesday a wonderful music festival is organized by the cultural and folklore association. The festival is all about rebetiko.
Rebetiko is a musical and cultural expression directly linked to song and dance that initially spread among the urban lower and working-class populations in the early twentieth century. Rebetiko songs contain invaluable references to the customs, practices and traditions of a particular way of life, but above all the practice is a living musical tradition with a strong symbolic, ideological and artistic character. (source https://ich.unesco.org/en/RL/rebetiko-01291)

(The poster is made by Georgo Poulios)

One of the rebetiko players who performs at the festival is George Ksindari from Skopelos but there are many other musicians from Skopelos and abroad who will join him.

Both nights start about 20.30 hours. Place to be is on the square under the church Panagia toy Pirgo near the old harbor.

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