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No ice cubes!!

The last couple of days it has been very hot and not only humans were trying to find a way to stay cool but animals too. This dog came into my office and would lie for a while there on the tiles and would cool off a bit. I gave him some water and a little bit later he was off again.

This message below from facebook was sent to me by Christine and is very important. Thank you for sending it! When it is so hot you can see that animals suffer too. Many people want to be kind to dogs and keep them cool.Don’t give them ice cubes though!! It is fatal. Tepid/lukewarm water is fine.

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I have made a mistake in assuming that all banks take a commission if you withdraw money from their ATM. It doesn’t depend on the ATM of the bank that you use but on the bank that you withdraw the money from. I am sorry if I caused confusion. So if you have your National Bank of Greece card and you withdraw money from a ATM of the National Bank of Greece you will not be charged. If you use another card from another bank there you can be charged. It depends on the bank. Sorry again.

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