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A big fire started this afternoon (around 16.30) in the area Amarandos/Agnondas. The fire has not reached the village of Agnondas. The road to Agnondas is closed for obvious reasons. At 19.00 hours no flames were seen by us who looked at the fire from the top road that comes to the t-junction Agnondas-Panormos. Seven fire planes have been working for hours to help and stop the fire and also a helicopter has been seen working. This helicopter has also brought fire fighters from Athens. The last ferryboat of today will also bring several fire trucks from the mainland and more fire fighters. (Source: Ert1 Greek television)

(photo’s Anne-Guurt Jaeggi)

Nothing is confirmed but word is out that one foreigfner has died after being severly burned.

(source: skiathoslife)

What I saw from the road is that there is a lot of smoke but there is no fire to be seen anymore. It is 20.58 now and the fire planes will stop for tonight. Hopefully the wind will lie down.

Source: Μανώλης Αθηνα Σκιαθίτη

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