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There is an beautiful initiative from Mrs. Gorgo Papazisi and Mrs. Rodoula Orfanou to gather food for the victims of the fires in Athens. They will gather the food in Elios today and Thursday and send it to Athens on Friday. Please call for more information 6974325862. (Gorgo speaks English)
I have called the municipality and they will do the same and gather goods in the Old Kapi building just above Ionia hotel today and tomorrow and Friday from 08.00 until 14.00 hours. You can call Eleni Kefaloniti if you have any questions. Mobile 6980502827. In Glossa you can take the goods to the library/the municipal building and call for info to Alexandra Kallianou.

The food cannot be something that needs a refrigerator. Pasta, rice, beans, long lasting milk, baby and children’s food in jars, vegetables etc. in tins. Cookies, biscuits etc. Medicines like pain killers, betadin, band aids, antibiotic creams etc. Also shampoo, soaps, washing liquid, diapers etc. Towels, sheets, pillow cases etc. Also torches and batteries.

Koxilis bakery has a donation box on the counter.

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