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Thank you

With a son and daughter both working in the service industry this summer I wanted to make this post to say thank you to all the people on this island who:

*Make our coffee
*Clean our toilet in our hotel room
*Make our bed
*Lay out and cook our breakfast
*Mix our coctail drink
*Rent our a car
*Serve us an ice cream
*Clean the terraces in the morning
*Open the museums and churches
*Make the products that we buy
*Pick up the garbage
*Take our shopping in the supermarket and make up the bill
*Put out our sunbed and umbrella
*Are our representative on holiday
*Serve our diner

They work very hard, many times more than ten hours a day. They are away from their families for a long time, they are tired when they see them and these few months are the only way to bring in some more money in the household. I think a thank you to all of them when you meet them will make their day and might even take away a little bit of the stress and tiredness they experience every day.


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Doctors already here !

We want to wish everybody a good month!

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