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(photo skopelosnews)

The forest around Amarandos, one of the most beautiful parts of Skopelos is gone. The fire was caused by somebody cooking, BBQ-ing? It doesn’t matter anymore because the fire started and burned the forest!! Do we even realize what has happened or are we busy with the next news event?

In the life we are leading everything needs to go fast; our cars, our communication, our travelling, our lives. We want to get things fast, our food, our sunbeds on the beach, our drinks etc. Many times we forget to take a breath and enjoy that moment, that feeling, that peace, that view, that joy, that silence.

(photos Costas Andreou)

We spend the time in our lives doing everything as quickly as possible and many times without a thought about how we spend that time. Are we enjoying ourselves or do we just let the time go by? Because we are in such a hurry we also don’t take time to comment or act when a situation arises that is not OK. For instance when you see littering, mad driving behavior, wild camping or ignoring of rules that apply to somebody or to a certain area.

Do we take the time to realize that something needs to change or are we already getting ready for the next part of our life. Do we want to act at all or are we afraid of the consequences?

This is what happened at Amarandos. Nobody commented, I did not comment, everybody went there, I went there. Many people did what they wanted and without any respect for the nature we and I let it get burned. This is an area that should have been guarded, by who I don’t know. With nobody commenting on the situation, including me, the situation got out of control and about 500.000 m2 got burned. Gone.


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