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Although Skopelos is a small island, fortunately there are still a lot of local traditions alive that have to do with food and daily life.

To show to visitors and locals what these traditions are, the cultural and folklore association of Skopelos organizes a Skopelos week. The week will start on Monday 13th of August with a plum night. Skopelos has many plum trees and several families have big ovens and dry plums. These plums are fantastic to cook in bean soups and with pork. Other plums are made into sweets. The plums are being exported of the island into Greece and some even abroad.
Start of the party on Monday the 13th is at 20.30 hours at the municipal cafe in the middle of the harbor.

During this week I will explain more about the Skopelos week. You can see the dates on the poster above.

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