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Ode to Glysteri

You all know that I am a fan of Glysteri beach. Bear with me one more time.

Yesterday night I had one of the most beautiful swims of my whole life in the water of Glysteri beach. It happened that we were alone but even if there were more people in the sea that would not have mattered. I would have welcomed it because the night and the swim was so beautiful. To share this experience with others would be such a pleasure.

There are no lights on Glysteri beach at night but that doesn’t matter because we took a flashlight. We could walk in the dark because apart from pebbles, sand and some wood there is nothing else on the beach. No beds or umbrellas. We could hear a call from a bird echoing through the valley because no other noise could disturb it. On our way to Glysteri we saw a rabbit beside the road. There is a spring called ”the spring of the rabbits” in Glysteri. Was it going there? It is so quiet we only hear the birds.

The water in the sea was almost warm but as I swam along the shoreline in other areas the water was colder. Cold, warm, cold, warm. A surreal experience. I know that there is water from springs that flows into the sea from the mountain.

Lying in the water we could see all the stars and airplane lights. I went out of the water but on the beach it was much colder and I went in again just to see if the sea was still so nice. It was. For the first time in a long time my husband said before me;”shall we go”? I walked reluctantly to the car.

I remembered yesterday afternoon on that same beach beach where families, couples and friends enjoyed that beach bringing their own umbrellas, small chairs and beach stuff. They were able to sit down where they wanted and the only music were the high pitched voices of the children in the water combined with the lower voices of the adults playing with them.

There is no beach bar on Glysteri but there are rumors of something opening next year. Maybe we will have sunbeds and umbrellas. I know that people need to make a living but I know from talks with many people that there is also a “market” for beaches that are more quiet. More natural. I really hope the municipality takes that into account when the give out licenses.

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