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On Wednesday it is August 15th – a public holiday – This day Greeks all over the country will celebrate one of Christianity’s most significant days, the Dormition of Virgin Mary. Some call this day “the summer Easter” to show the importance of the celebration, and many thousands of people attend religious services throughout the country.

Virgin Mary is a holy figure for Greeks not only because she gave birth to Jesus but because worshipers have connected her with the Greek nation’s freedom in many cases. As a result, the mother of Jesus has been given several different names all over Greece as locals wanted to thank Virgin Mary for her aid in some of the woes they faced. It’s the same holy figure, having taken different names, though.

On Skopelos you can go to a church service on Wednesday the 15th but there are also services on Tuesday morning and the evening of Tuesday the 14th. Banks, government and public offices will be closed on Wednesday.

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A significant part of the regular Glossa summer has re-opened for the month of August – and maybe beyond.The Alexander Sideris gallery in central square will be open every day from 9.00 – 13.00 and 18.00 – 21.00 and everyone is encouraged to visit with their families and friends.On display are 15 paintings by Alexander Sideris which show not just the quality of the artist’s work, but also the urgent conservation needs of the collection.

Alexander Sideris was born in Glossa in 1895 and emigrated to the USA at the age of 15. He studied art in Paris and New York where he lived until his death in 1978. He always wanted to return to his beloved Glossa, but sadly that was not to be. Two years before his death he donated 42 of his paintings and his library to the Church in Glossa. Over time, the collection has deteriorated. Responding to the state of the paintings and the need to improve the gallery where they are displayed, a non-profit group was formed last November.

The Urban non-profit company: “Alexander Sideris, great artist of Glossa, Skopelos” (Alexander Sideris Association for short) aims to conserve the paintings, house the exhibition appropriately, make the artist and the collection better known and to use these works to benefit Glossa and the wider population, in collaboration with the Church which owns the paintings and the gallery.

All this will need support. Volunteers are sought to keep the gallery open and money is needed for conservation and other improvements. From a single donation to a Life Membership of the Friends of the association, there are many ways to help financially. Full details are in the gallery.

We are waiting to welcome you to visit and experience this important part of Glossa heritage.

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