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Last night and this morning Skopelos has had very bad weather. A lot of rain and thunderstorms with a lot of lightning. The power has been out for many hours last night and early this morning in many places on the island. The power came back around 09.00 hours.

This video is from Yiannis Chatzitriakosas and shows Skopelos town last night without electricity and lightning.

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The Spyrou Skopelos Experience hotel and apartments chain have taken the initiative to voluntarily clean the area around Panormos tomorrow, Wednesday the 29th of August. Mr. George Michalis has taken this initiative and I admire him for it. The meeting point is hotel Skopelos Green Bay in Panormos at 09.00 hours in the morning. Please come in pairs so it is easier to work together. Rubbish bags and gloves are provided. Bring a hat, wear sensible shoes and take something to drink and to eat with you. I am going, you?

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