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Will it, or not

The bad weather in Greece is not over yet and will last at least until Sunday. This is a link showing Greece and the areas that will be affected the next 48 hours. meteoalarm

Storm with a lot of rain might also hit the Sporades.

This Greek weather warning is taken from the Hellenic National Meterological Website (EMY) EMY website

I have translated this warning because the Sporades is also mentioned in it.
A. Rain and storm in certain areas will be heavy. They will start early in the morning in the Ionian sea, southern Peloponnese, Crete. In the afternoon it will affect the rest of the Peloponnese, the mainland (including the Athens area) Evia, the Cyclades and possibly the Sporades.

The bad weather is going to be particularly heavy in the Eastern Peloponnese, the Cyclades and possible in the Athens area. In the evening the bad weather will have moved to the islands in the East Aegean and the Dodecanese.

B. Winds will vary from 8 and in some places 9-10 Beaufort in south Ionian and the rest of South Greece.

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Asklepeion doctors in October

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Ok I admit it. I am not a great hiker. If I don’t know how long the walk is, how difficult it is and where the point to start is and the point where we end don’t count me in. I don’t have the nerve. I am constantly promoting the walks you can do on Skopelos but I haven’t walked a lot of them I must admit. This year I have been taking some time of work and gingerly have made some small walks with some friends that were visiting the island. This is one of them and probably very well known by many of you.

Start Old Klima.
What we did was drive with two cars to Loutraki harbor and park one car in the carpark there. Then we drove with one car up to Old Klima and parked that car there near the entrance of the village. This way we had a car waiting for us at the end of the walk. You can also take the bus if you want.

Walk into the village and follow the main street. This street will bring you to a very small square with a stone path leading down.

Keep following this path. It will wind down and then up. You will pass a small cemetary and then the back of a church. Follow the path until you see the front of the church.

There is a covered resting area with stone seats and a table. The view is amazing.

To the left of the resting area is a path. It is from stone, start following it down.
The views from this stone path towards Loutraki are unbelievable.

The path slowly winds down towards Loutraki and the sea. When you are almost down near the sea you will have a choice to go right or left. Take the right turn (see photo) and walk towards Loutraki.

You can visit some remains of the roman baths near the sea or you can have a well deserved drink in one of the cafe’s in Loutraki. We walked for about an hour. Wear sensible shoes.

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This morning is it still quite windy but the rain has stopped. Tomorrow is supposed to be a bad day. Keep looking at the weather websites. This one for instance. http://www.meteo.gr/cf-en.cfm?city_id=230

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These recycling bins for paper, plastic etc. are waiting in the field next to the sports stadium in Skopelos town. We hope they will be placed soon so we can make a serious effort and recycle even more. Bins for glass have been placed a long time ago but we should have the other ones next to them.

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Bad weather

It is hard to imagine that in the next couple of days it will get very windy and it will rain a lot after that. It is not 100% clear when the weather will start to change and in which area the bad weather will hit the most so we ask you to be careful when you are traveling. Check with your travel agent about boats etc. The temperature will also drop significantly.

Meteo is one website that does predictions but keep looking and see if it changes. http://www.meteo.gr/cf.cfm?city_id=230#

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Stanley’s holiday

This short film was made by Nadia de Jong. Thank you for sending it to us. We like it very much!

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One of the readers of the blog Nina has noticed that there are quite a lot of hedgehogs around at the moment and some guests of her found one in a swimming pool! It was trying to get out and luckily they found it in time. They think it was looking for water to drink. Kind people leave out cat food in the streets which she thinks hedgehogs eat too but there never seems to be water around for them. Also, hedgehogs should never be given milk…it kills them… their digestive system cannot cope with it. So please leave water around on your land if you can.

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Stafylofest 2018
Visit the Sporades Centre for Sustainable Life in Glossa this Saturday (22/09) and join us in celebrating the grape harvest and the culture of wine making on our beautiful island. Festivities begin at 5pm. We will be demonstrating local winemaking, harvest songs, music and dance. We will also show you traditional methods of clearing the grape must which can then be used to make moustalevria, a delicious desert.
There will also be plenty of wine for you to sample and enjoy!
Free entrance for all!!
For directions to the centre and video footage from last year’s Stafylofest, please visit our website: http://www.isporades.org

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Piraeus bank on Skopelos is closing, unfortunately. Due to cutbacks in personnel throughout Greece this branch office of Piraeus bank will close on the 10th of October. There is a branch office in Skiathos.

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