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A home?

This wonderful three-month-old puppy needs a home. Very friendly. Let me know if you want to see it and I will let the caretaker know.

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For more information about Skiathos see the comment that Skiathian made.

Skopelos harbor around 08.30 hours

After almost two days of rain, Skopelos has emerged and as far as we can see without a lot of damage. We toured around a bit and did not see a lot of rubble on roads and nowhere gutters were overflowing. We don’t know how the situation is on the rest of the island. There was a lot of rain but it wasn’t torrential. Out of precaution car owners were asked to remove their vehicles out of the main street of Skopelos.
Schools are not open today in many places in the country including on Skopelos. This way they will be able to handle any damage to the schools.

We have heard that on Skiathos they have had major problems with the water and a couple of hundred people had to be evacuated from hotels towards the end of the island. There were problems at the airport too. We hope that these problems will be resolved soon. As far as we know nobody got hurt.

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