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(filmed today 3/10/2018 by skopelosweb.gr)

From MoM; Please don’t touch the seal, don’t throw water on him, don’t feed him and don’t make loud noises or shout. It remains a wild animal and nobody knows what his reaction will be.

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Home part two

So here is the thing. People still have dogs that are not sterilized and therefor there are a lot of puppies around that need a home. This poster was send to me by Machi. I received a message from Evi about this wonderful black puppy which I posted earlier in the week. They need help. Please have a look and help them find a home. For the black puppy you can send me a message. He is six months old now, vaccinates and chipped, really friendly and good with children, cats and other dogs. Make an inquiry and the vets on Skopelos and they can also give you all the information.

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