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The initiative to help clean the island comes from Mr. George Michaelis. He himself has set up cleaning initiatives several times in the past. Today another clean up action was organised and over 20 friends of Skopelos turned up. The car park, the part of the harbour where cargo ships dock, the ramp where boats get in and out of the water and the town beach were cleaned. Over 30 bags of garbage were filled in two hours. It was like a flash mob action but without the music. We had a great time.

There is more to do so we have formed a messenger groep called:The do good group of Skopelos. Here you can give the group your ideas of what we can do next, when and how. New ideas how to stop people to litter. Help with recycling etc. Anybody that is in the group can see instantly a message or comment and can give a reaction. Hopefully many great initiatives like the one from George will follow. Best shop provided bags and gloves. Spyrou Skopelos experience provided tools. Anybody that wants to join, let me know. I will add you.

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