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The clocks will go back one hour tonight at four o’clock. Hopefully next year the change over from wintertime to summertime and vice versa will be over. We have to choose though. We keep wintertime forever or we choose for summertime?

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Ready for oxi day

oxi day

Tomorrow it is oxi day. A big day for Greece. A day they will remember as a day they resisted against a foreign country that wanted to use Greece. A day where the Greeks said no. A day of courage and being proud of your heritage and country.

After 11 the municipality, the priests and heads of police, fire brigade etc. will come out and speak about oxi day. The school children, the cultural organization and the scouts will parade along the harbor front and proud parents will photograph them. We will have time to bake in the sun and time to “gossip” about hairstyles and fashion trends. Have a nice day!!

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