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It is quiet on Skopelos but not too quiet. The people that work and live here at the moment enjoy this time of the year. You can concentrate more on getting back in touch with family and friends that you did not see a lot during the busy summer. You might visit them at home but there are enough coffee places open to drink something and talk. There is time to go to a taverna and have a meal that is based on the ingredients that are around this time of the year. There is time to drive out to places where mushrooms and chestnuts can be found. There is time to take your dog to the beach because nobody will mind now. There is hardly anybody on the beach but the people that you see might have a bath towel with them to take a quick dip in the sea. Those that don’t dare to swim can sit somewhere where where the wind does not blow and enjoy the sun.

We might not have many boats a day coming to the island but you still can get here and the holiday that you will have will be completely different from the one you have during the summer. Try it!

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