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Who will inspire me in 2019?

Skopelos is an island with an enormous beauty served to us on a platter. We don’t have to do anything to see it, to experience it. The beauty is there; the beautiful villages, the good people, the forests that reach to the sky, the unique beaches, the valleys with vines and other agricultural products planted, the goat herds roaming free.

For me it will be interesting which candidate will try and give Skopelos a face for the future. A face that the people that come and visit, like, will adore and will want to come back to. This is my dream.

Who will show a Skopelos that makes an genuine effort to provide tourism that does not harm the environment like hiking, cycling and canoeing. A Skopelos that has clean beaches, roads and villages all year round and beach bars and beach trucks that completely clean up after themselves once they close. A Skopelos that bans cars and motorcycles in the villages in certain areas. A Skopelos that finds solutions to the car parking problem in the summer. A Skopelos that has their museums and churches open so it can show the history and culture of this place. A Skopelos that makes a genuine effort to solve the boat and transport issues. A Skopelos that communicates with its inhabitants, a Skopelos that takes its visitors serious and finally installs a tourist information center in every big village. A Skopelos that has a tourist committee that wants to make a difference and works together with everybody on the island.

This is my dream for Skopelos. For all Skopelosnews readers I wish you health and joy for 2019. I hope you will meet inspiring people in 2019. This is the greatest gift this island has given me. I have met so many inspiring people here and they are part of the reason I want to live my life here and continue with everything I fight for. Thank you all.



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A little

During Christmas we had some bad weather and low temperatures and this resulted in snow on mount Palouki (about 550 m high) There was not a lot and it was gone with the first sunshine. The photos are not that good, sorry.

Some of these lambs are only a couple of days old. It is good that the winter until now is not that harsh. It would be difficult for them to survive.

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Merry Christmas

Dear readers,
I wish each and every one of you a wonderful Christmas. Take time to be with your loved ones en enjoy the special and normal moments you can have with them. If it is not the time yet to celebrate then hopefully you are surrounded by everybody you love. It is not about a Christmas but about being together.

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Getting drinking water from the Agia Marina spring this morning. It is almost Christmas. It was fantastic to see so much water flowing.

George came by with his beautiful horse. He had been riding over de donkey paths this morning enjoying the lovely weather.

In awe

The long and winding road

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Deer or dear

Great was our surprise when we saw the group of deer in the area of Jilali. We know that they are there but have not seen them. We heard thst they have escaped from the fenced area opposite the road. There they lived and were fed by their owners. I think I saw six roaming around. They were not very shy and that is why I could photograph some of them. I hope they stay safe.

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Christmas workshop

On Sunday the 23rd of December a Christmas workshop will be held in Steki at Rigas hotel in Skopelos. Young and old(er) are welcome from 11.00 hours.
Christmas cards and decorations for the Christmas tree can be made, cookies will be baked and there will be face painting.

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Work ungoing

The road towards Agnondas has been worked on the last couple of weeks. The gutters next to the roads have been cleaned, opened and a new layer of asphalt has been put done. It is a regional project the vice major Mrs. Klonari told skopelosnews. Excess water will find no obstacles and can flow better towards points where the water can be lead away safely.

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