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In the same garden where the lemon trees are we now have xorta/wild greens growing again. The flock of chickens that were there for years ate everything. This year the wild greens have had time to grow without any disturbance and be picked by us. You are able to pick the wild greens for a couple of months in the beginning of the year and they are everywhere on the island.

Skopelos is full of wild greens and some places have certain types because of the soil or if they grow close to the sea. This time I found vrouva, paparoenes, kafkalithra and zochos (these are names I learned from my mother in law) The leaves are so tender that you don’t need to boil the wild greens for a long time and they taste wonderful. The mix is just right. I served the greens with some olive oil and stuffed them in some pies too.

Maybe I will organize some walks in the future for those who like to learn about greens and pick them while we are walking?

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