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I have updated the readers regularly about the new beach bar on Skopelos. Many can argue that the beach has changed forever. It has changed forever but, I think, in a good way. The owner of the bar and his team have worked for many months to clean the beach, to clean the land behind it. They rebuild the existing buildings. They tried to design a beach bar that is eco-friendly. Most of the furniture is of wood, the umbrellas are hand made etc. The sunbeds and umbrellas are situated at the top of the beach so anybody that has their own umbrella can do this on the open beach.

The official opening of the Glysteri beach bar is tomorrow. The Addicto dance team will give workshops in Salsa, Zouk, Bachata and Kizomba in the afternoon and at 21.30 the beach party will begin.

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Help for the Health Center

Steve held two quizzes for donations towards the defibrillator for the Health Care Centre and many people joined in. Collectively €357.40 was raised. Steve wants to thank everybody very much for their generosity. He has handed the money to Nina (in the photo) who will put it towards the funds for the defibrillator.
Thanks to Frode and Kjell for the stationary, Sophie, DelSol for printing the picture round and Dimitraki for hosting both quizzes. Everybody thinks it was a fantastic effort for a truly worthy cause.

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Skopelos experience is a new business set up in the area of Loutsa near Panormos. They opened last week. These young entrepreneurs want to take advantage of the beautiful nature on Skopelos and a natural way to spend time in it. It is worth a visit. Young and old(er), everybody is welcome! You will have a great time being outdoors, away from computers and other screens and spending time in the nature.

Visitors will see a beautiful piece of land with several small animals than can be touched, fed and played with.

On the land outdoor games have been set up and can be played.

There is a kantina where delicious snacks and beverages are being served.

And after playing there is time to relax…..

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Today many Greeks and some foreigners can vote for a new mayor and new council members on Skopelos. As I walked to the building where I was supposed to vote Mr. George Michelis came in my mind. The former mayor of Skopelos died yesterday and we mourn his loss. He wasn’t a typical mayor. He studied abroad, he teached and became big in the banking world. He came back to Skopelos and particular Glossa some time ago become he wanted Skopelos to do better. Mr. Michelis was not only a business man, he was also an artist, a singer and musician. He was a kind man. I was a member of his tourist committee and in that time I remember that every member tried to work towards solutions to many problems and that, I think, characterized him as a mayor. He looked for real solutions to many problems. This is not something every mayor and council member does.

I hereby want to thank and congratulate , on a local level, Eleni Kefaloniti and Christos Chrissofos for their hard work for the village and always being available for me and my requests.

If one of the mayor candidates gets 50% of the votes plus 1, that mayor is in. If not we go for a second vote next Sunday.

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Last Sundays walk to Glysteri Beach tempted 18 Scramblers who made it down the rocky shortcut which they found to be fantastically cleared and although steep in places worth the effort. The beach was pretty full of sunbeds but they found some rocks at the far side to place the blue checked table cover and enjoyed lots of snacks.

This Sunday’s trekkers will again assemble at entrance to Kastro where cars will make their way to the beginning of the walk to Vathias Beach in the Kalogeros district. Again a shared picnic will be available.

Because of the necessity for car transport, anyone who would like to join the group on Sunday and has no transport should phone Muriel to organise this on 24240 24732

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From Georgia Patsea and Silje Kramer (residents of Skopelos)

Most of us have visited the health center in Skopelos. You probably will have noticed that there is a lack of even basic equipment. Still, the staff working there struggle every single day with the limited resources and do a tremendous job to help people in need of health care.

We – Georgia Patsea and Silje Kramer – recently had a meeting with two doctors (Deputy Chief of Staff Skopelos, Dr. Laskos Christoforos and Dr. Vaios Tasios), and the situation is even worse than last year!

On top of the extensive wish list this year is an ambulatory heart defibrillator (heart starter). THIS MACHINE SAVES LIVES! The cost of this machine alone is around 3600 € (+ MVA), but the wish list is extensive, so we hope we can raise more than that!

Like last year, when we did a fundraiser for the health center, we will continuously post updates on the amount people/businesses donate to this project with names/initials (when you want) so you can see that your contribution is registered. We will also post photo of receipts so you can see how the money is spent.

Like last year, there are three ways to contribute:
1 Bank transfer to Georgia:
The National Bank of Greece
GR0501104710000047140058562 – Georgia M Patsea
2 To Silje via VIPPS (Norwegians only, #95021778)
3 Cash to any of us.

We would also like to highlight that also businesses are welcome to contribute! You name and logo will be promoted here if you do! 🙂

Open your hearts ❤ and wallets, everybody!

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What better way

Good morning. Driving down to work I saw this in front of me. The first “cruise boat” of the year. What better way to start the day !

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